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3 Weight Loss Tips To Help Build A Healthier Lifestyle

We all know the simple equation that burning more calories than we take in will make us lose weight. Sounds super easy on paper but why do we struggle sooo much when trying to drop the first or last ten, twenty, or thirty pounds?

Losing weight and keeping it off is about a lifestyle change. Crash diets are great… when you need to lose twenty pounds by your wedding or your Mexico trip. But let’s be honest, that weight is going to make its way back onto your body if you revert back to your old ways.

I’ve worked with countless clients over the years who have lost hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Here are three very simple weight loss tips that can truly change your life.


1.Track your food/food journal

I am a huge, HUGE fan of keeping a food journal. It’s something I recommend to every one of my clients. Why? There are two huge reasons why the food diary is the bomb-diggity and I’ll break ‘em down for you here:

  • accountability: when we record every meal and snack, we have unmistakable proof about our bad habits right in front of us. Many of my clients come to me and THINK they eat “pretty good”, when in reality their diets are reasonably terrible. Seeing the proof of your eating habits (cereal twice a day, three or four cookies six days in a row, or eating out multiple times a week, etc, etc)  really hammers home our problem areas.
  • learn what’s in our food: we might think we know how many calories and fat and sugar is in the food we eat, but for the most part I’ve found people really have no clue how many calories are in their food. Foods that can add up in big ways around the waistline, like soda for example, really show up like a red flashing light when you see you are drinking over 300 calories a day of sugar water.

Keeping a food diary is easier than ever these days, with apps that we can use on our smart phones (myfitnesspal is a current favorite). These apps allow you to take pictures of barcodes to enter in your food automatically. NICE!


2.Portion control – learn it!

So in the past I’ve had people that I have worked with show me amazing food journals. Week in and week out they are eating so clean and healthy I just can’t figure out why they aren’t dropping any weight.

What was the problem? Portion size!

Many food portions are measured by the cup. A good idea, at least until you are comfortable with what a cup looks like,  is to keep a 1 cup measuring cup near your food staging area (or kitchen heh) at all times. When you are plating up your food glance over at your measuring cup and make sure you are using the correct portion.

Having double the amount of healthy cereal for example can really add up when you are doing it day in and day out.


veggie baby tee-hee!

3.Vegetables – every meal every day!

This one I can’t overstate the importance of.  There are so many great reasons to eat veggies. You wanna lose weight? You can bet I’m going to be crooning on and on about eating more vegetables!

Veggies are going to help fill you up. Veggies are great for you. Veggies help you poop. If you eat more veggies you are going to feel fuller, longer, thus making you want to eat less of the bad stuff.

A Tupperware container of veggies and humus is the ultimate crunchy go to snack.

If we could elect a bucket of vegetables into public office our country would enter an age of unparralled prosperity!

Snack? Add veggies.

Meal? Add veggies.

Going dancing? Take veggies.

Street fight? Veggies!

Having veggies for a snack? Eat more veggies.

See how easy it is? Seriously, add veggies, I can’t say it enough!

Remember the changes you make in your life need to be sustainable and easily worked into your daily life. We are lazy. We want to take the shortest path with the least resistance to meet our goals. Making small, easy changes in our behavior is the best way to help build success! Try adding in some of these changes to your normal routine and let me know how it goes.

Kettlebell And Weight Training Hand Care

Snatches, pull ups, chin ups, kettlebell swings, Olympic lifts, dips on the rings or any number of other body crushing exercises have your hands looking like hamburger helper. Dead skin, calluses, or, if you are really unlucky, blisters are making you dread your next work out.

I’ve put together a little primer for you that will detail some proper hand care methods. So if your hands need some TLC… read on!

So you’ve been getting your work out on: Lifting weights, tossing a kettlbell or two around and your hands are starting to look and feel like a lumberjack’s. You don’t have any blisters yet (thankfully) but if you keep it up you will soon. You ARE however getting calluses where you didn’t think you could grow calluses and those need to disappear ASAP.

The magic to keeping your hands happy and healthy is this little guy:


The callus remover. What it boils down to is essentially a rasp for your dead hand skin.  Look for the metal variety like the pic above that has both a rough side and a, err,  less rough side. Don’t mess around with a weird ole pumice stone!  They aren’t as good as the two sided metal versions and they get grosser, faster. No gross, no gross!

The more you continue to agitate your hands, the bigger the calluses get, which will eventually lead to them tearing off. Have the top few layers of your callus rip off is way worse than a blister from a pain and healing stand point. Keeping your calluses shaved down will not only protect your hands but will stop the bloody aforementioned mess from occurring.

Once a week you are going to take a nice long hot shower. This sounds great already right? Go through your normal cleaning rituals and before your get out you are gonna work on your hands a bit. With the rough side of your callus remover file across the top of your callus(es) for 10-30 seconds. You only want to take the top layers of skin off.  The bumps should still be noticeable, not huge, but you should still be able to feel em. If you have taken them down where they are perfectly flat you’ve gone too far. Next take the smoother side and do the same thing, all you are doing with the smoother side is taking away any rough patches.

So now that your hands are nicely sanded, clean off your tool (tee-hee), and set it aside. Nobody likes dead skin… except mites. Grab your normal soaps, clean up and repeat in a week!

In closing an easy to follow bullet point list:

  • go to local store, buy hand shaver (“callus remover” bah)
  • once a week shave calluses at the end of a nice hot shower
  • 10-30 seconds using rough side
  • 10-30 seconds using the smoother side
  • don’t take too much off!
  • repeat next week

Ya got no excuse for nasty hands now – take care of yourself!



Five Easy Food Resolutions You Can Start Today

We all want to lose a little more weight or drop a pant size or two. Many times it’s not the huge changes that have the longest lasting effects, but the small subtle changes. Things that we can do each and every day that over the course of weeks and months add up to mean big poundage.

Below is a list of five simple things that we all can do to help meet our diet goals… starting today!


1.Eat more veggies. I love eating vegetables. Why? Well, depending on the veggie they can have all kinds of health benefits, giving your more vitamins, fiber to help move stuff along and lowering chance of heart attack and stroke. A key reason is the veggies make you feel full! Eating more veggies with every meal will leave you feeling fuller and reduce your cravings for other bad foods and snacks. Face it, veggies are baller.


2. If it’s white, avoid it. This isn’t always true, but it’s a good general rule. Supplement sweet potatoes for white potatoes. White pasta with whole grain, white rice with brown, and drop the white bread for any number of different brown bread varieties. Less carbs, more fiber, and will fill you up more.  Booya.


3. Change your coffee. Do you find yourself hitting the coffee shop every morning and getting whatever the seasonal drink of the month is? These drinks can have huge calories and sugar content. Try switching to a black coffee; you’ll get the same caffeine boost without all the extra sugar and additives. You’ll also save yourself a few bucks.


4.Greek yogurt – eat it! You still eating normal yogurt? That is CRAZY – GET ON MY LEVEL. Greek yogurt is just all around the superior yogurt. Way more protein, way less sugar, what’s not to love? Go with the plain variety and add a little bit of raw fruit or honey if you want to add flavor.


5.Water and more water. You most likely don’t drink enough water. Even people that think they drink a lot of water don’t drink that much. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is a key strategy. Make sure it’s filled at all times, and just keep sip, sip, sipping away. It’s gonna save you some dollars from buying expensive bottled waters and you shouldn’t have a problem refilling throughout the day.

So there ya have it – five little things that can have a big impact on your health and waistline that you can start right now.  So what are ya waiting for?