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David’s Green Smoothie

Most days I’m up at the crack of dawn helping people get in the best shape of their lives. Do I love my job? Absolutely!

Do I want to sleep for the longest possible amount of time before getting up? Absolutely!

So I needed a healthy meal filled with all the good stuff to kick start my morning, prepared as quickly as possible,  to maximize the amount of time my head is resting on my pillows.

Enter weeks of tinkering in the lab (kitchen) until I settled on the recipe below for my delicious green smoothie.



  • 1 handful spinach or kale
  • 1 banana or 3 large strawberries
  • 6 baby carrots or 1 whole “adult” sized carrot
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • ice (optional)


Throw everything above into a blender, add some water, blend until you have a delicious green smoothie!


That’s really all there is, but if you’d like some additional, tips keep reading.

I use a full size blender for my smoothie every morning and I’ve found that putting the fruit in first makes everything mix a lot easier. After I have everything added, I normally add enough water to cover about half the components. Depending on the size of your blender and how thick/thin you like your smoothie, you’ll need to experiment a bit. Adding ice can cool the entire smoothie off a bit (personal preference if you like it cold) as well as make the consistency more like a milkshake.


As far as taste, this can be a strong smoothie for people not accustomed to veggies. If you are looking for ways to help get your taste buds used to it, I’d start with spinach first as it has a milder taste than kale. You can also do both a banana AND some strawberries to better mask the taste of veg. Keep in mind that even though it’s good sugar, the more fruit you use the more calories you are taking in, so be mindful of that. You can also try adding almond milk (unsweetened is a good place to start) if it’s still not sweet enough.

In my experience doing spinach with a banana AND a few frozen strawberries will bring around even the most devout vegetable hater.

Banana Egg Pancakes

What is the single food item I personally miss the most when I’m really knuckled down on my eating and want to stay as healthy and focused as possible?



What if I told you that you could make mouth wateringly delicious (and healthy) pancakes with zero guilt ONLY TWO MAIN INGREDIENTS?

You can!

This is seriously one of the most simple and delicious recipes I know, and with a little bit of care will become a favorite of your healthy AND not so healthy eaters.


  • 3 eggs (or 1.5ish eggs and 1.5ish whites)
  • 2 medium bananas
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 dash of vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch salt
  • Coconut oil or nonstick cooking spray (I use an organic olive oil spray)


  • skillet (non-stick works best)
  • spatula (the thinner the better, an old beat up spatula is gonna make your job harder)


Throw your bananas, eggs and whites, and spices into a blender. Blend on high for about two minutes. You want the mix to be very well aerated and thoroughly blended up before you use it.

When everything is mixed, put some of your coconut oil on your skillet or griddle and set it to around 400 degrees (that’s high on my griddle and med/high on my stove top). Every cooking surface will be different, but you want each side to cook in roughly a minute.

Pour your cakes in a spiral shape, starting from the center into around 3/3.5 inch pancakes. No bigger! They are very fragile and anything bigger, at least in my experience get a bit unwieldy and will break when you try to flip them.

You want to cook each side for about a minute. Watch the bubbles. When you see the bubbles start to pop and stay popped (meaning the batter doesn’t fill the hole caused by the bubble back up) it’s time to flip! 

A nice quick flip with another minute on the other side and you’ll be good to go!

These pancakes will get darker than your normal flour based pancakes but that’s okay!

Top with agave nectar or fruit and you are good to go… or even light syrup if you are feeling extra decadent.

Serve ‘em up and enjoy!